Share brands you love.
Help your LinkedIn network — and wallet — win.

Every week, you naturally recommend brands to others. WarmLink gives you the power to select B2B offers from your favorite business brands. Then promote them to your 1st degree connections on LinkedIn through warm direct messages we automate for you. 

Instantly. Automatically. Done-for-you.

We all win—together.

No spam. No fees. No subscriptions. No courses. Easy Schmeasy.

The numbers say it all. Warmth pays off.

+ 1 %

People are more likely to trust referrals from friends and colleagues

1 %

Earn a generous split with our totally free service that’s 100% done for you

Rev Share
+ 1 %

Earn 5% revenue share from your downline—massive! And no fees.


Strengthen your connections and generate massive prosperity for all


Every year, you recommend 50+ brands to your network.
Why not get rewarded too?

Do you know how valuable your network is. Extremely.

WarmLink is the world’s only platform that rewards you for helping your network win.  

Brands are mentioned 90 times a week in your conversations on average. Whether someone needs a CRM platform, marketing and sales SaaS, or HR service for their business, say—nothing feels better than helping your network get ahead. 

Become a Warmer to personally introduce top business brands for big commissions you recommend sending direct messages to your network to tap the Power of Personal.

Best of all? It’s 100% done-for-you and always free.

So, why WarmLink?

Besides earning passive income—helping people win.

Earn Income

Get rewarded for each sale as you recommend your favorite brands (and offers) to 1st degree LinkedIn connections.


Our pre-written messages are as natural as sending a text. Want to customize for an extra touch? Easy.


Generate income streams for conversations you’re already having. With no additional effort.


People love great recommendations. Help them solve a need, and strengthen your connections. Win, win.


Get paid. For lifting up your network.

Each week, you’re recommending products and services to people. Instead of brands getting all the income, we put it where it belongs—your pocket. Feel good about helping your friends and colleagues win, whispering top recommendations, not selling them.

Happy woman chatting with friends online

Become a giver. And natural connector.

Of course you don’t want to come across like you’re selling something to people you know. Because you’re not. When we recommend a brand that helps solve someone’s problem, we all feel good, and everyone wins.


Add WarmLink to your income stack.

Partner with us and split commissions 50/50.

Totally free to you.

And it gets better—when you invite your network to join WarmLink (coming soon), you earn revenue share from commissions your 1st and 2nd degree connections earn (paid by us). You can make up to 2x, 10x, 100x, even 200x more than you would alone.

How wow is that?

Network Wealth

A like-minded community to raise all boats.

We’re more than a recommendation engine. We’re a human first platform on a mission to create more prosperity for all through a like-minded community. Your network wins, you win, advertisers win, WarmLink wins. We all win. Get rewarded, one connection and deal at a time.

How It Works

Getting started is easy and free.

1 • Enroll

Click an invite button on this page to secure your pre-launch invitation before anyone else does.

2 • Engage

Pick offers from brands you love with ready-to-send messages that can be sent in seconds.

3 • Earn

Get rewarded for every purchase and make a commission from everyone you refer to WarmLink.

Only accepting 100 77 users for pre-launch.

We've Launched!!!

Shhhh, we’re in our exclusive pre-launch with limited invites. If you’re seeing this, you’re in luck—secure your invitation today. Get excited for what’s next.

We are 100% anti-spam.
So are you.

Our messages are designed to be natural and convert. It’s not spam when you’re helping your network win. Respect their time and don’t barrage them with followup drips. You can add a personal note too. Subtle. No pressure. See for yourself. Messaging is a chance to reconnect and strengthen your connections too.

No one likes being sold. But everyone loves to buy.  Especially when it comes from a trusted connection.

Questions? Let’s answer them.

If you want to get rewarded for lifting up your network by recommending brands, products and services on LinkedIn with practically zero work on your part—WarmLink is for you.

None! We created WarmLink to reward you for what you’re already doing: recommending brands, products and services. Instead of brands getting all the money, we reward you. One connection and deal at a time.

On average, people naturally recommend 50-100+ brands, products and services yearly. We never want WarmLink to feel ‘salesy’, so we encourage sending just 4-8 direct messages per year to each of your targeted contacts. 

Not at all! No matter who you are, we all influence people in our network. In fact, some of the top-performing recommendations come from a small, trusted circle.

Your choice. Some Warmers have large networks where people come to them asking for recommendations. Others have smaller, yet super-niche groups. You can estimate potential income with our income estimator.

Either way, it’s one of the closest things you’ll ever see to free income.

Commissions are paid by brands and split 50/50 between you and WarmLink. No fees to you.

And … You can earn MUCH more… potentially 4, 5, 6 and even 7 figures by inviting your connections to join WarmLink. And earn even greater amounts when they invite folks to join, earning from 2 degrees of downline. Your rev share depends on the number of people who join your downline and how they perform.

Check out our income estimator to see what can you earn.

*Coming soon. Model subject to change. Join early to reserve your connections as part of your downline on a first come, first served basis.

Yes. Your revenue share is generated entirely by the efforts and sales performance of your downline, not from membership fees which we do not charge. Further, we pay your revenue share from our split, and your downline rewards are not affected. There will be a high annual revenue share cap.

No way.  At WarmLink, we’re 100% spam-free. Our messages sound natural, can be easily customized for an extra touch and don’t include annoying follow-ups if someone isn’t interested. And people can unsubscribe.

Choose one or many offers from our Marketplace that you want to promote. Then pick one of our pre-written messages, or randomize them. We’ll direct message your connections automatically on LinkedIn from you. Want to increase conversions? Take 30 seconds to add a personal note and select your authority level. Follow up by congratulating them on a recent move, job or sparking a memory.

Almost none. Picking an offer and choosing a message takes seconds.

We’ll pay and notify you as soon as we receive funds from applicable brands which can take 15-45 days. Then you choose how to receive the funds, as cash, gift cards, Visa cards—even send to your favorite available charity.

Join our waiting list by clicking the invitation button below.


Advertising tactics come and go, yet one remains:

WarmLink allows your brand to reach millions of business buyers on LinkedIn.

+ 1 %

People are more likely to trust referrals from friends and colleagues

+ 1 %

Warmers are much more likely to influence a purchase

1 X

Increased conversion rate over cold outreach


Strengthen your connections and generate prosperity

Cold outreach is as fun as a root canal.

Use WarmLink to get in front of captive buyers on LinkedIn. En masse.

Cold outreach is less effective every year. Referrals and warm introductions are stronger than ever. Especially in a world where niches are saturated, and people are masters at tuning out marketing. WarmLink helps your brand reach millions of qualified buyers at scale. We leverage the Power of Personal by sending direct messages on LinkedIn to leads from their trusted 1st degree connections. 

The result? Capture attention, generate trust and increase your bottom line. Whether you have an existing affiliate or starting new—we can help.

Book a call today to discover how we can get you in front of captive buyers.

The key to success? Helping people get ahead. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Secure your pre-launch invite today. Getting in early secures you’re first in line for our planned revenue share program.

Our mission: Prosperity for all.

WarmLink reimagines how we connect, engage and add value to our networks. We’re more than a deal recommendation platform. We exist to help your friends, colleagues and networks create prosperity—one interaction at a time. Because when we help others win, everyone wins.


What we believe in: